Jessica Plunkenstein and the Düsseldorf Conspiracy



Over fifty characters occupy Jessica's adventure! Only four, however, occupy this table.

Jessica Plunkenstein

Jessica is a reluctant debutante and an even reluctanter adventurer, who, after an airline security mishap, finds herself on a mission to save the world from the evil Baron von Düsseldorf.

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Voiced by Mariana Preciado

Baron von Düsseldorf

Being a failed composer-lyricist- biochemist, the evil Baron von Düsseldorf has developed a mind-numbing chemical with which he plans to conquer the world and, by extension, Broadway.

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Voiced by David McIntosh

Miss Pernilla

Matron of a facility of correctional charm, Miss Pernilla consists of 65% water and 35% Botox. This chemical imbalance leads her to pursue propriety with hitherto unprecedented vigor.

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Voiced by Toni Dorfman

Harrison J. Harris

Professor, archeologist, and famed adventurer, Dr. Harris' interests include combing the world for rare artifacts and not being sued by Lucasfilm.

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Voiced by David McIntosh
(He's versatile.)
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