Jessica Plunkenstein and the Düsseldorf Conspiracy



The omnitalented wrote the score, highlights of which we offer here for your downloading pleasure:

  1. Main Theme
  2. Baron von Düsseldorf's Theme
  3. Ms. Pernilla's Theme
  4. Harrison J. Harris' Theme
  5. Ersatz Flying Music
  6. The Jungle
  7. Ye Olde Llama Shoppe
  8. Café Urban
  9. An American in Kierkøllamagäard
  10. Freida's Yeti Survival Shop
  11. Clogging at the Lederhoedown
  12. The Baron's Evil Doin's
  13. The Baron's Evil Factory
  14. The Baron's Uncharacteristically Neutral Helicopter Ride
  15. Finale and Exit Music
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