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greGAMES! presents
Jessica Plunkenstein and the Düsseldorf Conspiracy

"The best adventure game I've played this year!" ― Charles Herold, The New York Times

Kierkøllamagaärd, Norway (August 15, 2005) — It's been a peculiar day for Jessica Plunkenstein. By a freak twist of fate and airline security, our heroine finds herself battling evil barons bent on world domination, evil headmistresses bent on pathological propriety, and evil yodelers bent on nothing in particular.

Full of llamas, ninjas, French people, pickled herring, dubious German accents, yetis in heat, and musical theatre up the wazoo, Jessica's adventures bring her from the Amazonian Rain Forests to the Norwegian Alps with layovers along the Eastern seaboard. So tag along, and you, too, can unravel The Düsseldorf Conspiracy.

Jessica Plunkenstein and the Düsseldorf Conspiracy is available for free download at


  • Zany intercontinental escapades with absolutely no mammoths or talking robots
  • Eight hours of addicting gameplay, divided over four parts and fifty unique locations
  • Full score and professional voice acting
  • Writing that would put James Joyce, Jane Austen, and Anton Chekov to shame
  • Art that would put them to suicide

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